Winton family’s new sms loan form


In connection with the launch of the Winton family’s new website, we have taken care to simplify the process when you as a customer should apply for a quick loan.


Same website though better

Same website though better

The Winton family’s new website is created together with our customers. We carry out continuous customer surveys where we try to meet the wishes of our customers. The new website is a direct result of this way of working.

It is not every day that we make such extensive changes to our website and therefore it may even feel a little unusual, especially for our former customers. But the fact is that most things are the same except that the appearance has been lifted.

The biggest change on the website that we want to highlight in this article is the application form. What separates the new form from the old is the part called credit testing.


Credit check when applying for sms loan

Credit check when applying for sms loan

Under the new Consumer Credit Act, both we and our industry colleagues are required to consider whether our customers have the financial conditions to repay a SMS loan. For this reason, we have integrated the credit check into the application form, which you discover when you apply for a SMS loan.

The credit check means that you who are going to apply for a SMS loan need to fill in 4 fields where you enter the following information:

monthly income
Your total net income per month from eg. salary, pension, study allowance, unemployment allowance, etc.

monthly expenses
Your share of the household’s total fixed expenses per month. E.g. rent, operating costs, living expenses, childcare etc.

Interest & loan costs
Cost of other loans per month. If you have joint loans in the household, you must include your part of the cost.

Net assets after deduction of liabilities. E.g. value of car, house, cash, savings, valuables less liabilities. Ex. if your car is worth $ 100,000 and you have a loan of $ 50,000 then your net assets are $ 50,000.


Borrow responsibly

Borrow responsibly

When the Winton family launched its initiative called “Borrowing Responsibly”, the basic idea was that the Winton family as a lender should do everything in its power to prevent borrowers from getting into a difficult financial situation.

This initiative has proven to be very successful and we are still working on proactive measures to achieve the same goal. The credit check is part of this preventive work that benefits both borrowers and lenders.